Congratulations Prof Monica Slavin 

Please join us at 12pm, 9th November at VCCC to celebrate Monica's career acheivement award.

Register here: FREE event!

Register here: FREE event!

A new model of care for Australia

Published this month in Supportive Care Cancer, we report on the implementation of a nurse led program sending patients at low risk of medical complications from neutropenic fever following chemo, home,  to be managed in an outpatient setting.

Read the full study HERE

Our results show a reduction in median length of hospital stay from 4.0 to 1.1 days and a reduction in admission cost from $8,580 to $2,360 with a net cost benefit of $71,895. Not to mention that there's "No Place Like Home".

NHMRC Early Career Fellows announced

We are pleased to announce that two NCIC Investigators, Dr Ben Teh and Dr Jason trubiano were successful in their NHMRC ECF applications. Ben for his Biomarkers projects, investigating risk predictors of infection in cancer, and Jason for his PIPA project, establishing an allergy de-labelling clinic for cancer patients.

Well done both!


Dr Ben Teh

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre


Dr Jason Trubiano

Austin Health

Hot Topic

Next gen immunotherapies, such as CAR T cells, have well and truly revolutionised cancer treatment and cure. However, in modifying the immune system (in this case- lymphodepletion with CD19- targeted CAR T cell therapy) there is a potential for altering risk of infection. In this months edition of Blood, Hill et al, retrospectively reviewed the incidence of infections following CD19 CAR T cell therapy in n=133 patients. Key findings include: a risk of infection similar to conventional chemotherapy and that modification of the treatment regimen, specifically- to reduce Cytokine Release Syndrome severity, decreased the frequency of infections. 

With the explosion of next gen immunotherapies in cancer treatment we are excited to see more studies of this nature.