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Congratulations Prof Monica Slavin 

...on your recent BioMedVic Clinician Researcher Award!! Full details 

BioMedVic CEO Jan Tennent, Prof Monica Slavin, A Prof Leon Worth and Prof Karin Thursky.

Photo credit: BioMedVic

Want to join our team?

We have a current opportunity for a part time (with view to full time) research nurse in the National Centre for Infections in Cancer, based at PeterMac. 

We are looking for an experienced research nurse with an interest in infectious diseases to help co-ordinate and run a number of clinical trials and investigator lead research projects including ethics applications, site governance, sample collection and database entry. 

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Feature Article

This study aimed to determine if it was safe to discontinue empirical antimicrobial therapy (EAT) for febrile neutropenia in patients with haematological malignancies once there were signs of clinical recovery.

Adults with haematological malignancies or haemopoietic stem-cell transplantation recipients, with high-risk febrile neutropenia were split into two groups; those who had EAT withdrawn once they were without fever for 72hrs or more with signs of clinical recovery and those that had EAT withdrawn once their neutrophils had recovered (0·5 × 10⁹ cells per L or higher). The study concludes that EAT can be discontinued safely after 72 h of apyrexia and clinical recovery. The benefit of this approach would be in reducing unnecessary exposure to antimicrobials.